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Digital Asset Manager

Digital Asset Manager

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the practice (or art) of managing digital files that are of value to the organisations that hold them.

Every day digital assets are delivered to you: ads on the websites you visit, previews on your favourite streaming services, and apps/games on stores. The effective management of these assets is the province of DAM. On the surface it sounds simple, but DAM can power the streaming or purchasing of games, music and film. It can lie behind Content Management Platforms (CMP), marketing hubs and social media. It can be integrated with e-commerce, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Master Data Management. The variety of needs that DAM can fulfil, the different organisations it can support and the sheer breadth of what it can and needs to reach into makes DAM particularly complex. This is why dedicated professionals lie behind every aspect of the world’s most effective DAM systems.

I’m a DAM System Librarian currently employed at Shell. My responsibilities include:

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Supporting and engaging with users

  • Provision of training for users

  • Promoting the DAM

  • Approval of all assets into the system

  • Maintenance and refinement of asset metadata

  • Maintenance and refinement of the taxonomy

  • Development of governance documents and structures

I have a Master’s Degree with distinction from King’s College London. So, unlike many, I have a strong grounding in both the theory and practice of DAM.

Prior to working at Shell I worked as a Business Analyst for Theresa Regli. Theresa advises C-level executives and DAM project leads on digital strategy, data design and product selection. She's a stalwart of the Henry Stewart DAM conferences where she regularly gives keynotes and leads tutorials. She’s also a DAM Industry Partner at King’s College London.

Theresa Regli

Theresa Regli

I first met Craig as a visiting lecturer at Kings’ College, where he was completing his Masters’ Degree. He was very inquisitive, asking very challenging and relevant questions about DAM. Several months later when I needed some help with my business, I brought Craig on board to assist with system analysis, research, use case writing, and to help maintain my web site. He has always been diligent and met every deadline, very receptive to feedback, and made excellent recommendations in various system analysis efforts. Highly recommended for DAM and similar initiatives.
— https://www.linkedin.com/in/rocketpolish/