4 Essential Social Media Tools

As we build up our online presence, we subconsciously fall into certain routines. One of them is the tools we use regularly, even every day. We have a problem, find a tool that helps us solve the problem, that creates 'positive feedback', and we return to that tool. Here are the 4 most essential social media tools for me right now.


Build your social media toolset

Build your social media toolset


Hashtags can be a trap for the unwary: use the wrong one, either deliberately or mistakenly, and the impact to your reputation can be severe. You need to understand what each hashtag means. Yes, you can look in Twitter's search bar, but Hashtagify.me is a better alternative. What it offers is a visual 'mind map' of how hashtags relate to each other. We can then see in an instant what the context for each hashtag is without having to trawl through countless posts that we don't want to read. I love using Hashtagify.



It can be hard to keep track of what's trending where. Thankfully, Trends24.in enables us not just to keep track of what's trending across the world, but of what's trending in major cities all over the world. As the '24' suggests, it tracks this information over the past 24 hours, so we can see what's trending where and when. Trends24 is a great tool to use.


Google Trends

If you want to discover what people are talking about, then a great place to start is Google Trends. It tells you what people are searching for, which in turn tells you what people are interested in right now. It lists the most searched on topics, allowing you to filter by country (and region if appropriate), and gives an 'interest over time' chart too. Another great, easy to use tool.



If you're not going to be at your computer tomorrow, or if you're going on holiday for a few days, then your online activity needn't drop. Hootsuite allows you to send out pre-written posts. It can do so at times you determine, or at times determined by Hootsuite to be the best to post. You need to make sure that your pre-written posts are 'evergreen' in nature because the last thing you want is for a message regarding a particular person to go out right after they've died, or for what you've written to be rendered out of date by events. Avoid those hurdles and Hootsuite can keep you posting on a number of different platforms while you're taking it easy. A great addition to the toolbox.



You can use every single one of these tools for free. Yes, there are paid options for Hashtagify and Hootsuite, but those are optional. All 4 of these tools have great practical value for the reasons described and they can be used free of charge.

What are your favourite tools to use in your day-to-day social media life? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.