DAM professionals speak

Going to DAM Europe 2018 was a great experience. It was a great chance to meet up with a few people I already knew, meet lots of new DAM professionals and hear more about some of the hot topics in DAM. Henry Stewart run this event and the ones in New York, Chicago and San Diego every year. Recently, they’ve released some videos from some of these events featuring some notable DAM experts. Let’s take a look.

For six months this year I had the privilege of working for Theresa Regli as a business analyst. She’s provided me with a grounded insight into many areas of the DAM and wider digital world. Theresa is an experienced DAM consultant who’s worked with a remarkably wide array of clients. She can always be relied upon to provide something of a sanity check for the DAM world. A frequent deliverer of keynotes at Henry Stewart conferences, she has a great knack for communicating hot topics in story form and this video shows that in action.

Theresa Regli tells a story surrounding DAM migrations

One of the advantages of meeting someone like Theresa is that, through her, I’ve gone on to meet or connect with a number of other people in DAM. Maria was the first person I met in this way and, like Theresa, she’s become an inspiration in the field. I’ve learned a lot from Maria. She’s helped me connect the theory of DAM I learned in my MA in DAM at King’s College London to the real world of DAM. In this video, Maria takes us through her 2018 schedule. Not every office job is 9 - 5!

Maria Efstathiou: a day in the life

Graham Allan is EVP of Consulting and Operations at KlarisIP with over 20 years of experience working with media and entertainment organisations, including Disney. So far, I’ve only spoken with Graham a couple of times by email, but I look forward to meeting him at a conference in the future.

Graham Allan: How DAM is evolving in media

Hopefully, I’ll be there at DAM Europe 2019 in six months time, this time with some real DAM experience behind me as a DAM System Librarian at Shell, more on that another time.