Google and Twitter Cordially Invite You...

As anyone who follows the world of search engines and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) knows, you have to pay attention to everything that Google does.  They’re constantly evaluating their search engine and have settled on a guiding principle of high quality user experience. They’re prepared to make major whatever changes to their search engine to achieve those results. So what could the next big update be? Barry Schwarz of SearchEngineLand may have provided the answer.


Do You Take...

Social media has long been mentioned as an important element in driving traffic to a website and the importance of it is increasing. With more than 31% of website traffic coming from social media, it’s no surprise that Google would want to integrate it further. In February, they penned a deal with Twitter to gain greater access to their data. Twitter was already being crawled by Google’s search engine of course, but this deal granted Google greater access. We’ve recently started to see the result of this arrangement.

Google and Twitter, hand in hand, courtesy of  SearchEngineLand

Google and Twitter, hand in hand, courtesy of SearchEngineLand

It’s easy to think of social media as a mixture of narcissism and howling at the moon, but it’s become far more important than that. The revolutions in Egypt and the Ukraine quickly became visible on Twitter. We can argue about the extent of the role it played in the revolutions themselves, but it played a huge role in revealing them to the outside world. What happens on Twitter, through seemingly superficial hashtags, can therefore be news. That immediately makes it something that should be discoverable and as visible as possible to search engines.

Social media can be transitory, especially Twitter, with new topics trending suddenly, then disappearing just as quickly. It can be 'of the moment' but this doesn't diminish its value. Countless self-employed people use Twitter and other forms of social media as extensions of our services, products, or brands. Try telling a self-published author that Twitter is just a lot of hot air! These social media presences then should be just as easy to find online as our websites. This is especially true when you also take Mobilegeddon into account. With more than 60% of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, Google updated its search engine to reduce the likelihood of non-mobile friendly devices being discovered by its search engine on mobile devices. With countless apps, like Twitter, on mobile devices, this latest step by Google can be seen as part of an ongoing process of adaptation in the face of changes in how we access and use the internet.

Google and Twitter get married, courtesy of  MarriageLeap

Google and Twitter get married, courtesy of MarriageLeap

I Now Pronounce You...

If this update evolves into a full release, complete with analytics, then we’d be able to gain a greater understanding of how to combine Google’s search engine with Twitter. Small businesses and self-employed people would be able to easily quantify the extent to which providing and curating high quality content on Twitter benefits them in terms of discoverability in Google’s search engine. For those of us using Twitter as extensions of our business, that’s a tantalising proposition.

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