The Rocket Polish Network

So what's the Rocket Polish network, Kenneth?

It's the sequence of Rocket Polish presences that are integrated and linked to enable me to communicate in different ways. So how does it all work? Here's a little network map.

Rocket Polish network

Rocket Polish network


Ground Control

This website is the hub, the ground control for the network. It's here that you can find out more about the website design service I offer and read my blog. I write about social media, offer tips, and write opinion pieces about related issues. It's usually reserved for detailed pieces that combine text, backed up with references, images, and occasionally video. I package it in an easy to understand way (more idiot's guide than white paper!)

Everything in the Rocket Polish network begins and ends with this site. It's why, at the bottom of every page, you'll find the links to all of its social media 'satellites'.


The Twitter Satellite

Whereas the blog is long-form Twitter is my flash communication option. It enables me to share something and go, a kind of drive-by dialogue! Here I'll share links all my updates, share news, and give the occasional peek behind the curtain, especially with life in London. Follow me to keep up to date on what's happening with Rocket Polish.


The Pinterest Satellite

Since pictures tell a thousand words, Pinterest is a great service to use. My primary board is Dance with a Muse. Positive people are braver, more creative, and better to work with, so Dance with a Muse is my small contribution to worldwide positivity. I search for positive images, quotes, or stories that inspire me, and by pinning them, I share them with you. The 6 most recent pins can also be found on my website.

I also have a wide range of other boards, everything from design to photography to ancient history to links to my blog updates and more besides. Take a look and see what you can find.


The Google+ Satellite

This is my newest satellite. It's dedicated to technology related news as I want to be able to curate more pure technology content. It also offers another way of keeping track of my blog updates. It's as easy to use as Pinterest too and this is important. Who wants to waste time chugging through a clunky interface?


Mission Parameters

Having 3 social media presences, each with their own focus, is looking great for me because it means that if one goes a bit dry, it isn't a big problem. It also means that I can post different content in different ways, something that keeps the multi-tasking skills from shriveling up!

There's also a couple of more technical issues at play. Having more options also means that if someone looks for me in particular, or for my set of skills, they're more likely to find me. Also, everything posted there is automatically crawled by Google's search engine, meaning that it instantly 'indexes' everything posted on Google+. Things like this are worth bearing in mind if you're trying to build an online presence.


Future Missions

It's important not to take on too many new platforms at once. Too much too fast can leave you feeling swamped, so I'm not rushing to launch another. This is why I always advice starting with no more than 2 forms of social media in addition to your website and blog. It's also a good idea not to be on a particular form of social media just because you feel you should. If you can't reach out and engage an audience there, if you can't keep up because you feel swamped, then nothing's gained. Better to have a small number that you can keep up with than lots that you can't! What I do next has got to offer something new or help me do something.

So what's next? I truly don't know...and that's exciting!

What does your network look like? How are you supporting your business or project? You can let me know in the comments.