Dance with a Muse

Dance with a Muse with Rocket Polish (image courtesy of  Web Gallery of Art )

Dance with a Muse with Rocket Polish (image courtesy of Web Gallery of Art)

Inspiration is one of the most intangible of things: it's always there when we think we don't need it (though we always do) but when we reach for it, it's like grasping at mist. For a period towards the end of 2014, life felt like a slog. Inspiration and bravery were casualties of a battle of attrition I feared I might never win. I did win, but fighting for so long exhausted me, and I barely remembered what it was like not to be fighting. There was nothing left to do but start again, but how? I found my answer by looking back over 2014.


The year begins with a long journey ahead

The year begins with a long journey ahead

I began 2014 in a state of fear. A friend had in November 2013 challenged me to move to London. Living with family, my life was safe and comfortable. That was the problem: nothing was happening. I was safe, unchallenged, and actually unhappy. This 'Call to Adventure', as Christopher Vogler terms it, produced an immediate response, one that Vogler terms 'Refusal of the Call'. I couldn't do it, I said. There was always a 'reason' (excuse) why. On January 2, my friend reissued the call. She persisted, helping me meet, understand, and work through my fears. The results speak for themselves across 2014:

  • In winter I'm paralysed by the thought of moving to London
  • In spring I move into a friend's place in London, train as a copy-editor, and begin creating my own websites
  • In summer the idea of Rocket Polish emerges from a conversation with the friend who drew me to London and I adjust to the realities of living alone in London, my first city
  • In autumn Rocket Polish develops, I find my own place to live in Soho, and I find a temporary, part-time regular job
  • In winter I find my niche(s) at my job and learn that it'll become permanent, win my battle of attrition, and create my own source of inspiration: Dance with a Muse

It's only looking back that I realise what profound changes I've made to my life and to myself. It's one hell of a journey: hopelessness to hope, dependence to independence, and stagnation to evolution. Along the way many things, great and small, have challenged me. Many of them you'll never know about, but one thing I can share with you is what makes me more capable of facing these challenges than you.


Whatever changes you need to make in your life, you can make them. You just need to take the first step. Each succeeding step comes easier than the last until you're constantly moving. Each achievement, no matter how small, makes it easier to achieve.


The year ends with me reaping the rewards of the journey

The year ends with me reaping the rewards of the journey

So what I learned at the end of 2014 was that I have a lot to be proud of. I've made a lot of positive changes to my life. Yes, I have a lot more to do, and yes, I got ground down by things I had limited control over. However, I remembered that I can be a great agent, someone who enacts change and inspires, rather than waiting for change and inspiration to happen by themselves. I'm a firm believer in taking wisdom and inspiration wherever you can find it. By surrounding ourselves with wisdom, inspiration, and positivity every day, we remember that we can make real changes to our lives. We remember that we can be our own inspiration.

So in that vein I'm excited to reveal Dance with a Muse. It's my own inspiration, and how I inject inspiration and positivity into the world. Pinterest is a great vehicle for this because it makes it easy to share sources of inspiration and makes it equally easy to find. By being easy to use, the only barrier between us and sharing what inspires us is ourselves: our own resistances, limitations, or negative voices. But by surrounding ourselves with inspiration and positivity we can break through our limitations and silence the negative voices.

Dance with a Muse is here for you, to keep you inspired when you need it most, because whatever you do in life, whatever changes you need to make to your life, it'll be easier and more rewarding if you approach it with inspiration and positivity.

Where do you find your inspiration? What keeps you going? Please tell me about them in the comments.